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Randolph, Mass. Man Protects Family From Intruder



    Randolph, Mass. man protects family from intruder

    Minh Truong came home to find an intruder in a bedroom; the intruder jumped out a window after Truong trapped him inside (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Julie Loncich) - Minh Truong returned to his Randolph, Mass. home Saturday evening after a movie with his son.

    Almost immediately, he knew he had a problem.

    "I heard some kind of noise in this room. I said nobody is home, why am I hearing a noise?" said Minh Truong.
    The lights were out as he made his way upstairs and down the hallway. He heard what he thought was a male's voice, opened the bedroom door and saw a man standing inside.
    "After I saw him, I tried to close the door back. I didn't want him to get out. I didn't know what he had. What kind of weapon he had. A knife, a gun, I don't know," said Truong.
    Instinctively, Truong knew that door and his new found strength were the only things protecting he and his son from uncertain danger. 
    "Oh I was scared. Scared. Nervous. I didn't know how much strength I had. I tried to hold all the weight. And he tried to open," said Truong.
    His son called 911 and after a minute had passed, Truong felt the pressure on the handle release and heard the suspect jump out the window.
    "I thought he handled it excellent. He didn't confront the intruder, which we always tell people not to," said Lt. John Hamelburg Randolph Police. 
    Randolph police responded quickly, but found no trace of the suspect -- only the window he broke in through. Truong lost two laptops and some valuable jewelry, but says what he didn't lose is all that matters.
    "It's my family first and they are safe. I don't care what they take," said Truong.