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Sandy Hook Students Back in Class



    Sandy Hook students back in class

    Staff and students of Newtown, Conn. elementary school return to school in neighboring Monroe (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Justin Michaels, Newtown, Conn.) - The old Chalk Hill Elementary School has been converted to the house the students of Sandy Hook.

    "At one point there were 80 people in the building cleaning up the building doing things, painting, to make it look really cheerful and happy," said Janet Robinson, Newtown Superintendent of Schools.
    "There are pictures up. It is, right now, Chalk Hill has been transformed from a middle school to a very cheerful, nurturing elementary school."

    The staff decided to change the name to make this transition as easy as possible, and to carry on the history and traditions of the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    Councilors were expected to be on hand to help the students, staff and faculty adjust in the New Year.

    The goal was to get a normal routine started as quickly as possible.

    "What we know from the advice we've been getting is to have as much a normal routine as possible and they are prepared to do that. It won't be heavy curriculum but they need to do the kinds of things that are important for kids and to have a normal routine," Robinson said.

    Getting back to a normal routine is one thing, but doing it safely is another.

    And the new school may very well be the safest school around.

    "I think right now it has to be the safest school in America," Monroe Police Lt. Keith White said.

    "We have many different options in place. Most of Monroe schools were already monitored at the police department with cameras and we've actually installed numerous different security devices at this school and we are going to remain our presence on location until further notice."

    The school started the day with a 9:05 a.m. normal start time.

    Parents were asked to allow their kids to take the bus if that's part of their normal routine.

    Parents were also welcome to join their kids in school all day if they want to.