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Study: Procrastination Rules New Year's Resolutions



    Study: Procrastination rules New Year's Resolutions

    While some have given up on the resolutions, others have not even set them yet (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Kurt Gregory) - Many people have already given up on their New Year's Resolutions -even while others are still getting around to making them.

    A recent survey from Retail Me found that if you're just now getting around to making them, you're not alone.  

    "We conducted a survey recently, and we found that half of the people surveyed are still making New Year's resolutions," Sr. Editor Trae Bodge said.  

    The survey found 49 percent have resolved to lose weight while 51 percent are trying to save more money.  

    But whether you're looking to thin out your waist…  

    "Fitness and weight loss are really bIg focusses for people this year, and technology reigns supreme for sure this year. From younger to older, people are really interested in pursuing their weight loss goals, either on line or via app," Bodge said.  

    Or fatten your wallet...  

    "In our poll, we found that 93 percent of people intend to use coupons or promotional codes this year and that was up from 53 percent from last year," Bodge said.  

    It seems everything has gone digital.  

    "I think it's just about finding what people want and what works for them. Especially because people are so busy, online and the apps are more," Bodge said.  

    And with as many as 50 percent of people breaking those resolutions by Valentines Day - finding something that works is the key to any Resolutionary success.