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Mass. Man Pulls Up to Drive Thru in the Nude



    Westborough Police Chief says 34-year-old Rosildo Santos Jr. was getting excited from going to the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru naked (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Mike Cronin) – It’s a drive thru customer to remember. Police say they picked up a man who placed his "to go" order in his birthday suit.

    A late night Dunkin' Donuts run landed a man behind bars. Police say he pulled up to the drive thru in the nude.

    “Sounds pretty absurd for a town like ours, especially with the weather and how cold it was,” says Craig Jennings.

    “It's a little scary to have a naked guy driving through the parking lot. Not a good thing,” says Carrie Niedzwecki.

    Shortly before one Sunday morning, Westborough Police say 34-year-old Rosildo Santos Jr. of Hudson drove up to the route 9 store wearing nothing but a coat over his waist.

    “Nothing shocks me anymore. People just do the strangest things and this is certainly out of the ordinary,” says Westborough Police Chief Alan Gordon.

    The Chief says Santos left the drive thru then returned shortly after, this time with no clothes.

    “He was getting excited from doing this.”

    Gordon says when Santos arrived the second time, by coincidence, a police officer was getting a coffee inside. He followed Santos to a nearby McDonalds where he tried ordering at that drive thru, but it was closed.

    “Officer Massey was able to follow the vehicle on East Main Street where he pulled the vehicle over in the area of Flanders Road and he did find that the subject had no clothes on.”

    Santos was arrested for open and gross lewdness. Gordon says he was driving home from Worcester.

    “I believe he said he was at the Palladium for some event up there. He had been drinking, he was not intoxicated. But he was coming from there and heading back towards his residence in Hudson.”

    Police say Dunkin' Donuts employees were shocked by the incident. Craig Jennings is a regular customer at the store and says a lot of young people work there.

    “I feel for the young employees here. A lot of young 20-year-old women working in here so as I can laugh about it, it's really not laughable,” says Jennings.

    “Somebody that does something like this, you don't know what they're capable of,” says Chief Gordon. “Obviously there's something going on there mentally that would cause a person to do something like this.”