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Jury Selection on in Maine Zumba Prostitution Case



    Jury selection on in Maine Zumba prostitution case

    Man accused of helping fitness instructor run prostitution business (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    ALFRED, Maine (AP) - Jury selection in the trial of a man accused of helping a Zumba fitness instructor run a prostitution business in Maine is resuming after a lengthy delay.
    The judge held closed-door questioning of potential jurors before the state Supreme Court ordered the process opened to the public. Members of the jury pool could face potentially embarrassing questions focusing on sex, adultery, pornography and prostitution in open court today.
    Jury selection stalled for more than three weeks after prosecutors appealed the dismissal of 46 invasion-of-privacy counts against married insurance businessman Mark Strong Sr., who's from Thomaston. He faces 13 other counts dealing with promotion of prostitution.
    Strong and fitness instructor Alexis Wright have pleaded not guilty.
    Wright is accused of engaging in prostitution in her dance studio in the seaside community Kennebunk. She'll be tried later.

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