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Judge Grants Bail in Pistorius Murder Case



    South African amputee Olympian, accused of murdering girlfriend, is free after posting $113,000 bond (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Michelle Kosinski, Pretoria, South Africa) - After four days of testimony and a ruling that lasted two hours, Oscar Pistorius has been released on bail.

    Soon after the decision was handed down, Pistorius posted the $113,000 bond and left the court with his family.

    Pistorius sobbed, his body shaking as the ruling was read. You can say that, in many ways, this was expected, but the judge kept everyone guessing, his ruling lasting two hours.

    "I just say that it's fair,” said Barry Roux, Pistorius’ lawyer. “Of course I'm pleased."

    Magistrate Desmond Nair criticized the prosecution, saying a lot of the evidence they presented was flawed. He also said that didn't mean that there case was not strong.

    Nair challenged Pistorius, saying he had problems with his account of what happened that morning. If Pistorius felt so vulnerable that he needed grab his gun and start shooting into a bathroom, the judge alleged, why did he rush into danger when he had so many opportunities available to him?

    The judge ultimately ruled, though, that Pistorius was not a flight risk, not a danger to the public.

    Pistorius needs to surrender his passports and  his guns. He can have no drugs or alcohol, and he can't return to his house, the scene of the alleged crime. He needs permission to leave his town and has to check in with police twice a week.