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Mass. High School Security Guard Faces Troubling Charges



    Mass. high school security guard faces troubling charges

    Waltham police say Jesse Holland, 23, raided a chemistry lab and stole dangerous materials (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Waltham, Mass.) - A Waltham, Mass. school security guard is facing troubling charges after police say he raided a chemistry lab and stole materials that - if combined - could have had dangerous consequences.

    It's not clear how long Jesse Holland worked in the building for, since NECN hasn't heard back from his security company, Command Security Corporation. However, he was here as recently as this week, according to Waltham Mayor Jeanette McCarthy.

    The things we celebrate and appreciate, and the reality that not everything brings with it a sense of pride.

    A 5th grade children's chorus concert at the Waltham school committee meeting happened on the same night revelations came to light about a security guard in the high school building who allegedly stole bomb making chemicals from a locked chemistry lab.

    "It's very disturbing and we're going to follow up on both ends of it. Tonight we want to make a statement to the public, this is why we know. I'm very happy that the Leominster police followed up and I'm very happy that the superintendent responded immediately," said Waltham Mayor Jeannette McCarthy, who is also the head of the school committee.

    Twenty-three-year-old Jesse Holland, of Gardner, Mass., was arrested early Wednesday morning while in his car in a Leominster parking lot.

    According to police, in the car were a hatchet and stun gun, plus an open bottle of iron powder, an open bottle of aluminum powder, a magnesium metal ribbon, a coil of rusted metal wire and a small emergency vehicle jump start battery.

    All he allegedly said, he wanted to "throw into a fire pit and see what happens."

    In Waltham, Holland worked overnight, walking the halls in the high school as a contracted security guard.

    We asked if he had any interaction with kids or teachers.

    "None with the staff as far as I'm concerned, it was at night I believe," Mayor McCarthy said.

    Holland is now being held in Leominster pending a dangerousness hearing.

    In Waltham, Mayor McCarthy read a brief statement, and then it was back to regular meeting business.

    She would not say if he has been fired. Holland is due back in court Friday.