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Pa. Man Finds Injured Cat in Car Engine



    Damon Walton found the feline in his car engine after a 15 mile drive to work (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN/WGAL: Susan Shapiro, Mechanicsburg, Pa.) - Sometimes your morning commute can get a little hairy.

    A Pennsylvania man found that out this week when he heard an odd noise and later discovered a cat in his engine.

    "When I went to turn the engine up it was a really rough start and I'm like, it's really not that cold for the engine to start that hard.  Well, right after that point is when I heard the cat," said Damon Walton.

    Walton turned the engine on and off a few times, banged on the side of the car and eventually figured the cat was gone.  

    He drove from his home outside Harrisburg to Mechanicsburg.

    The 15 mile drive was uneventful, until he reached his destination.

    "As soon as I get to work hear him meow again, I'm like 'oh my God, he's still in the car,'" Walton said.

    Walton popped the hood and found the cat.

    "The cat was stuck on this side under the alternator.  He looked like he was hurt but still alive," he said.

    The Lower Allen Police and Fire Company came to the rescue.   

    They took off some pieces of the car and then contacted the Animal Emergency Medical Center.

    Veterinarian Mark Meyerhoff sedated the animal so he could be rescued.

    The cat, now named "Turbo" after the turbo engine in the Jetta, suffered a burn to his side, a damaged ear, and lost three toes, but x-rays showed no internal injuries.

    "This is nothing short of a miracle," said Dr. Meyerhoff.

    The cat is expected to recover and hopefully be adopted.