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Cosmetic Surgeon Has Trick to Turn Back the Hands of Time



    New procedure can give a more youthful look using a patient's own fat cells (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Mike Wilber) - Most women will tell you they wouldn't mind looking a little younger. One cosmetic surgeon is spilling his trick to turn back the hands of time.

    Dr. Boris Ackerman is showing us how to look younger through lipotransfer.

    "Lipotransfer allows the surgeon to use his own artistry sculpt the face in a certain way to achieve certain aesthetics to achieve beauty and of course rejuvenation," says the plastic surgeon.

    And after seeing the amazing results of one of the plastic surgeon's other clients, Tracy made the decision to give lipotransfer a try.

    "I'm at that age when things are starting to change and I'm hoping to get that youthfulness back."

    The procedure, which grafts fat from other parts of the body to the face, begins with a consultation

    "Now go ahead and smile just a little bit we are going to create a more girly youthful look with fat transfer for you."

    “And where is the fat coming from," asks Tracy.

    “That's the next step."

    Instead of using a synthetic filler, the doctor recycles fat from the patient's body which helps the results last longer.

    "We are infiltrating the fatty layers with a certain solution that will allow the fat removal," says Dr. Ackerman.

    The solution sets and the extraction begins. This method is minimally invasive so Tracy is able to stay conscious!

    “The patient is awake slightly sedated but is obviously she is feeling no pain,” says the plastic surgeon. “We can see we have some fat and some fluid in there we will process it so we have pure fat ready for injection into the face."

    Next, the liquids are separated in a centrifuge.

    "You can see how the top layer is pure fat ready for injection. The middle layer the fat cells is what we'll be injecting into the face."

    Starting on the left side of the face, the doctor begins placing a small amount of fat in just the right spots.

    "As you can see, this is the side we just did lipotransfer you can see we have a nice rounding more of a youthful appearance."

    The other cheek is evened out and because the fats injected through the nose and lips, it doesn't leave any marks on the skin

    "You are done!"

    Tracy's total surgery time was under two hours. It’s been a few weeks and she's already showing off her new youthful glow!