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Conn. Ski Lift Operator Turns Job Into 8-hour Dance Party



    Conn. ski lift operator turns job into 8-hour dance party

    Eric Wesolowski works at Ski Sundown where he belts out a tune or busts a move to any song with a beat (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN/WVIT: Ryan Hanrahan) - It's all in a day's work for this lift operator at a ski resort in Connecticut. He treats snowboarders and skiers to some of his epic dance moves, while making sure the lift runs smoothly. Not only does it make his day go by more quickly, it makes the skiers happy, too.

    Operating a chair lift is hard work. It can be boring and it can be tedious but not for everybody.

    This is Eric Wesolowski: a lift operator at Ski Sundown. He's a man of many moves and many nicknames.

    “I've been called the dancing liftie, I've been called boom box boy, music man."

    Wesolowski is from Burlington and graduated from Lewis Mills High School.
    Being a liftie can be a mundane job but not for someone who turns it into an 8-hour dance party.

    From club music, to pop music, to oldies, Wesolowski can belt out a tune or bust a move to just about anything with a beat.

    "I like anything but heavy metal or metal," he says.

    “Enjoy your run, sir"

    His main job as a lift operator is to get people up the mountain safely. He says he loves it.

    “I'm a hard worker. I have a lot of fun here people enjoy my singing and dancing and time passes by fast here."

    Wesolowski does it with a smile, impeccable manners and a song.

    Even though he says he knows he's not a good singer, this isn't a once in a while kind of thing for him. Wesolowski does it all winter long, five days a week.

    In fact, he says he doesn't go to the gym anymore because he gets such a good workout at work.

    "I never learned how to dance... I still haven't to this day. None of them are moves they're kind of made up moves that I do."

    Even though he's never taken dance lessons, it's fair to say this kid can dance.