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Entertainment: Howard Stern to Replace Jimmy Fallon?



    Late-night rumors swirling (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN) – We are checking in on some of the entertainment news. Howard Stern could be making his late-night network debut. In light of rumors that Jimmy Fallon will be replacing Jay Leno on the "Tonight Show," new rumors of who could take Fallon's place are brewing.

    An NBC source reportedly told the New York Post that Howard Stern is being seriously considered. Stern's agent and NBC have both declined to comment.

    NBC Universal is a parent company of NECN.

    And… may even more of the force be with you. Disney has some big news for Star Wars fans!

    Back in October, Disney announced it was acquiring the Lucas-film franchise in a $4 billion deal.

    Wednesday, Disney's CEO said that the company is developing "some standalone movies" featuring select Star Wars characters. No word yet on which characters might be featured.