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Heart Transplant Families Meet



    Family who lost son in tragic accident meet heart transplant recipient (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN/KCBD: Sarah-Blake Morgan, Dallas) - One year ago, when Paul Morse woke up after surgery, he had no idea who's heart was beating inside of him.

    "They said it was a young heart. It was beating really fast," said Delilah Morse, Paul's wife.

    For months, Paul and his wife Delilah hoped and prayed they would hear from the family who's loss had given him a second chance.

    Five months later, they got the letter.

    "I'm just so thankful that they were willing to correspond and meet us," said Paul.

    The letter came from Ty and Nancy Osman in Tennessee.

    Their son, Ty the second, was an 18-year old college student, traveling with friends to Fort Worth on spring break. Ty noticed a wreck on the side of I-30 and insisted on stopping to help a women in need.

    That's when he was hit by a car and died, trying to lend a hand.

    "Yes it's still our loss, but at least he died doing something for somebody else. And of course, with organ donation, that continues," said Ty.

    The two families started corresponding more and more until finally the Osman's decided they wanted to meet on the anniversary of their son's accident.

    "For us it makes it seem like it's not all for not...a little bit," said Nancy.

    In a room full of family and friends at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, Ty, Nancy and their two daughter, got to hear their son and brother's heart beat once again.

    "She held it there and immediately the biggest smile and you know, she's listening to her son's heart," said Paul.

    Just that sound, brought comfort to a family that has lost so much.

    "I just told them he's definitely still alive," said Paul.

    Now this man, who just last year didn't expect another birthday, can live life to the fullest, because he's truly young at heart.

    "I just wish I could have met him when he was still alive, but I'm very anxious to meet him when we get to heaven," said Paul.