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Anna Maria College Student Charged With Making Threats



    Officials say Thomas Frongillo, 18, typed in 'I'm shooting up my school tomorrow' during online video game (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Jennifer Eagan, Paxton, Mass.) - Thomas Frongillo ended up in court instead of class Thursday.

    The 18-year-old is now banned from the Anna Maria College campus in Paxton, Mass. after allegedly making threats against the school.

    "Any kind of alleged threat or behaviors of this kind, we take them very seriously. We have no tolerance for them," said Paula Green, a spokesperson for the school.

    Sources say Frongillo was playing an online video game early Thursday morning when he typed in "I’m shooting up my school tomorrow," and indicated he had guns and knew how to use them.  

    Officials from the gaming company, Jagex Ltd. based in England, called police in Oxford where Frongillo lives. Police warned Frongillo he would not be allowed on campus. Frongillo turned himself in to the Paxton Police Department Thursday morning.

    Fringillo’s father called the incident a "terrible misunderstanding."

    Fringillo pleaded not guilty to charges of threatening to commit a crime and threatening to bomb or hijack, according to the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office. He has posted the $50,000 bail set by a judge.