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Hundreds Gather at Medford Funeral to Honor Krystle Campbell



    The 29-year-old is the first Boston Marathon bombings victim to be laid to rest (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Deanna Morgan, Boston) - By 10:30 Monday morning, the sidewalks in front of St. Joseph were packed.

    Hundreds of people watched as busloads of family and close friends of Krystle Campbell exited charter buses and walked into the church sadly, somberly.  

    Once Campbell’s hearse arrived, everyone became silent.

    This day is still hard for people to believe.

    “…just seeing that picture of her…just heartbreaking,” says Jack Dempsey, of Medford.
    Krystle Campbell’s death has affected hundreds, if not thousands of people, even people who didn’t know her like Jack Dempsey who came to stand outside her funeral.

    “I’m from Medford, it’s sad,” says Dempsey.  “I would like to at least honor her.”

    Dempsey is a teacher at Campbell’s old high school, Medford High.  Almost the entire town of Medford feels just like him.  

    Whether in the funeral or outside, this day is hard for everyone to believe.  

    And, whether they knew Krystle Campbell or not, they mourn her loss, and their hearts go out to her family.