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Dramatic Watertown, Mass. Shootout Caught on Camera



    Dramatic Watertown, Mass. shootout caught on camera

    Andrew Kitzenberg caught image after image of shootout between police and two Boston Marathon bombings suspects (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Greg Wayland) - Andrew Kitzenberg was watching television early Thursday morning, into Friday morning at about 12:45 a.m. when he heard a popping sound outside the big white house he shares with other recent Babson College graduates in Watertown, Mass.

    He looked out and saw two armed young men taking cover behind a black SUV in a gun battle with police at the end of Laurel Street, a short, quiet residential road in Watertown. He grabbed his iPhone, ran up stairs - first to his bedroom window, then to a west-looking window as the gun battle progressed – and captured memorable and frightening images of the violence that included explosives thrown by the two gunmen, which is when Andrew realized these must be the accused Marathon bombers, right outside his house.

    He captured over 20 images on that street. The siding on some houses is still pocked with gunshots and the middle of the street stained black by a handmade explosive and the end of the street, where there is, a neighbor pointed out to NECN (though they didn’t want to talk about it), a large black stain that was the blood of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, older brother of the 19-year-old suspect who wound up hiding in a boat about a quarter mile away after he ran over his badly wounded brother – and probably killed him – as he sped away, trying to elude police.

    Tamerlan had advanced to the end of the street, coming at police, gun blazing. It was all very frightening and violent and Kitzenberg caught much of it on his camera.

    He’s a budding entrepreneur who founded a company that makes flash drive wrist band. He plans to start making BOSTON STRONG wrist bands, sell them and give the proceeds to the fund for victims. 

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