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Boston College Warns Students About Mumps



    Letter to students says while there are no confirmed cases, there is a 'likelihood of a positive diagnosis' (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Julie Loncich) - With finals looming next week, students at Boston College received an unexpected and unwanted email warning Thursday - university officials have identified the possibility of the mumps on campus.

    "My first impression was to text my mom and ask her if I have the vaccine. I did and she said I'm all set," BC sophomore Kelsey Lima says.

    "It's a little scary but we don't think it's too bad. We all got vaccinated so it's alright," Junior John Muller says.

    Meghan Conley says three of her friends fell ill earlier in the week.

    "Two of them are at home and one of them is at a hotel," she says.

    Two sophomores and a junior she says have classic symptoms.

    "Swollen glands, fever, nausea, and overall not feeling well," Conley says.

    Symptoms do include swollen glands on one or both sides of the jaw, fever and body aches lasting about a week. In a letter to students, the director of Health Services writes: "While we have no confirmed cases, clinical evaluations suggest the likelihood of a positive diagnosis among several BC students."

    The Massachusetts Department of Public Health confirms they are assisting in the investigation of potential cases. In the meantime, students say they are trying to focus on their exams, but one sophomore who isn't vaccinated says he will take a break from his studies now to see that he is.

    "I think I really might. I think now that I know about this I might go probably tomorrow or the next day," BC sophomore Paul Boboc says.