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BPD Commissioner Ed Davis to Speak at D.C. Congressional Hearing



    The hearing will answer questions about the Boston Marathon bombings (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Jackie Bruno) - Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis is in Washington D.C. Thursday morning to answer questions at a congressional hearing about the Boston Marathon bombings.

    Lawmakers say they want to get to the bottom of not only how it ended, but how it began and whether information on the two suspects was shared properly between investigative agencies.

    There are reports that two years ago, the FBI and the CIA received a vague warning from Russia about Tamerlin Tsarnaev’s extremist tendencies. But, it is unclear whether they shared that information with Boston or Massachusetts police, since Tsarnaev was a Cambridge resident.
    “The facts and circumstances of who knew what at what time are playing themselves out and we don’t have the final report on that,” said Davis. “To date, I’m satisfied with what’s happened and I believe moving forward we’re going to learn a lot of lessons from this.”
    Despite the criticism from Republican lawmakers, the president defended the FBI and local law enforcement ahead of the hearing.

    "I don't think it's fair to say though that law enforcement ‘dropped the ball,’” said President Obama. “I think that this is a very difficult challenge when you have individuals who are self-radicalizing. They're not part of some massive conspiracy or network."
    Davis acknowledged the difficulty of policing individuals and said that's why departments have to work together.
    Davis is also expected to give his recommendations on how large events can be better policed in the future. He says he believes more undercover cops and surveillance cameras should be used at large events, but does not want to create a police state mentality of surveillance cameras on every stop light.