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Fundraiser Held to Help Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Jeff Bauman



    Fundraiser held to help Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman

    Two New Hampshire businesses raised money to help the bombing survivor's recovery (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN: Eileen Curran, Nashua, NH) - Jeff Bauman lost both his legs and suffered serious wounds in the Boston Marathon attacks.

    But despite his injuries, Bauman is in high spirits and making progress in recovery. His father, also named Jeff, said he's impressed by how his son has handled the injuries.

    "He's doing remarkably well considering the circumstances," the elder Bauman said. "I thank God he's alive. He's a strong kid - he's resilient and he wants to just get back on his feet and bounce back."

    Even before being released from the hospital, the younger Bauman had made an appearance at a Bruins game, waving the team's flag. The 27-year-old was discharged from the hospital on Friday, and his father said the homecoming in Chelmsford, Mass. was a quiet one since his son is a little worn out from all the attention.

    Bauman's father added that the support for his son has been amazing, with people sending their best wishes and holding fundraisers.

    On Saturday in Naushua, New Hampshire, two businesses worked together to do just that. The American Flatbread Company sold pizza slices with all the proceeds going to the younger Bauman and his recovery. The local BMW dealership, right down the street from the Costco where Jeff worked before his injuries, helped out by hosting a second location for the fundraiser in their parking lot. In addition to selling pizza, there was a raffle, music, and an opportunity to send messages to Jeff as he recovers.

    "We do business with Costco and Jeff Bauman is an employee at the Nashua Costco. We wanted to do something to benefit Jeff and the Bauman fund," said Carmelle Druchniak, the spokesperson for the American Flatbread Company.

    "It shows where the real people in this country are," said Bauman's father. "We have good people in this country and we appreciate it. [Jeff] appreciated everything - all the letters. He was reading them individually."

    While the younger Bauman has a long road ahead of him, his father said he has an incredibly positive spirit.

    “For him to go through what he went through, and to be in the spirits he's in, and be as strong as he's been," Bauman's father said. "I'm very proud of him.”

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