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Bruins Fans Recall Watching Massive Comeback



    Bruins fans recall watching massive comeback

    The Bruins won in overtime, coming back after down 4-1 (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Mike Cronin) – And just like that, the Bruins completed one of the best comebacks in NHL history. They rallied and beat the Maple Leafs in overtime after down 4-1.

    At the New England Sports Center Tuesday, fans were playing pick-up hockey, still excited about the victory

    “My dad and I were actually on the couch and we both saw it coming,” said a Bruins fan.

    “We jumped up screaming, we both lost our voice and my voice still kinda hurts.”
    Joseph Dumas said Bruins fans were disappointed at first, but told his wife the Bruins would make a comeback.

    “We thought the roof was gonna come off,” said Dumas.

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