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Credit Cards May Provide Travel Benefits



    As you plan your summer vacations, be sure to check if your plastic can provide any help (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Lynda Baquero) - As the school year starts winding down and summer creeps in, travel plans are likely in the near future for plenty of people across the country.

    Those plans often come with the hassle of planning travel, lodging, and activities, as well as dealing with all the complications that can come along the way.

    But in an interview with Executive Editor Anne Banas, she says your credit cards might be able to help minimize the stress.

    Providing anything from lost baggage protection to seating in some airport lounges, some credit cards can help with the bumps in your travel plans or even make the trip just a little bit sweeter.

    Be sure to check with your credit card company for any of these hidden benefits.

    Watch the attached video for more information.