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Wounded Officer Richard Donohue Speaks Out



    The MBTA officer wounded in the Watertown shootout with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects speaks to the media for the first time since being shot (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Scot Yount - Charlestown, Mass.) - After suffering a bullet wound that severed his femoral artery, undergoing several surgeries, and persevering through a long recovery, office Richard Donohue is now at Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Charlestown, Mass.

    And while he still has rehabilitation ahead of him, his family says his recovery so far is miraculous.

    "Just having him awake is amazing, just having him remember our names was amazing - so all those things were surreal to us," said Donohue's wife, Kim. "But it went so quickly that we didn't have a minute to catch our breath, or even be sad over it. We were just excited that he was doing so good.
    Donohue's just thankful the emergency responders in Watertown that night were able to help save his life.

    "You know, I had assistance from at least five difference police and fire departments," Donohue said. "My partner ran and tackled me, he heard I said I am hit. He is EMT paramedic trained, so he knew what to do right away and those guys actually saved my life."

    As for the possibility that the bullet that hit him was fired from a police weapon, Donohue said he isn't concerned with it.

    "If it was friendly fire, so be it. I mean, it was insane, bottom line," he said. "One guy got stopped that night, the other guy got caught shortly afterward - so the job was done, that's the end."

    For more on Donohue and his recovery, watch the attached video