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Gov. Malloy: Monday Commute Will Be 'extremely Challenging'



    Conn. residents warned to plan for 'week's worth of disruptions' after Bridgeport Metro-North crash (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN) - Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy addressed the public Sunday regarding the state's dire transportation situation in the days following the Metro-North crash in Bridgeport.

    "Tomorrow's commute will be extremely challenging," said Malloy. "I will be partially activating the state's emergency operations center tomorrow morning so that we can assist and coordinate resources.

    "There are going to be substantial delays until we get this line back in full service," said Malloy. "Residents should plan for a week's worth of disruptions."

    Malloy noted that delays would not be limited to mass transit, as additional drivers will cause delays on the road. Additional busses will also be in service on the highways.

    "There are 30,000 daily commuters whose trips will be disrupted because of this accident," said Malloy. "Additionally, weather conditions are not going to cooperate."

    Malloy pleaded with the public to make necessary adjustments to alleviate the stress on the system.

    "If you are going to New may decide that perhaps you should stay there for the duration of this disturbance. It certainly is worth considering," he said. "To everyone who uses the highway system, consider carpooling. We really need you to do this."