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Judge Offers Deal to Teens Charged in Hingham, Mass. House Party



    Arraignment put off to see if defendants qualify for special diversion program that would keep incident off their records (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN: John Moroney) - Hingham, Mass. Police are looking to work out a deal to give a second chance to a group of teenagers accused of drinking at an underage party over the weekend.

    The hope is to keep the incident off their criminal records.

    There were 17 people standing in Hingham District court as their names were called Tuesday. All but one of them is facing charges of under-age drinking in the wake of a party in town Saturday night that got out of hand.

    The party took place in the barn at this home on East Street. When police were called because of loud noises, a couple of beers bottles were tossed at the first responding officer.

    In court, two of the homeowner's children were charged with under-age drinking. Prosecutors are also moving to charge their father, William Hacking, with violating the state's social host law.

    Hacking was not in court Tuesday, but police say he was drunk on the night they went to break up the party.

    It’s an allegation the family's attorney denies, saying everyone is embarrassed by what happened.