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2013 Graduates Addressed by Celebrities, Leaders, Businesspeople



    Notable figures gave commencement speeches to students preparing for life beyond the classroom (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN) - Many graduates picked up their diplomas this spring. This involved addresses from many famous commencement speakers nationwide.

    In New England, musician Annie Lennox spoke to Berklee College of Music while World Bank president Jim Young Kim addressed the students walking the stage with degrees from Northeastern University.

    Monty Python's Eric Idle grabbed a guitar and sang to Whitman College grads.

    "It may seem that all that's left for you is unpaid internships, Monday to Tuesday mail delivery, and, thanks to global warming, soon, 'semester at sea' will mean sailing the coast of Ohio," joked Stephen Colbert to the graduates of University of Virginia.

    "When bombs went off in Boston and when a malevolent spree of gunfire visited a movie theater, a temple, an Ohio high school, a first grade classroom in Connecticut, we saw citizenship," President Barack Obama said to the students of Ohio State University. "In the aftermath of darkest tragedy, we have seen American spirit at its brightest."

    Former Mass. Governor and 2012 U.S. presidential candidate spoke to the students of Southern Virginia University while the Dalai Lama addressed Tulane University.

    See the attached video for the best of the 2013 commencement speeches.