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Elementary School Students Walk to Support Marathon Victim



    Students at the Seach School in Weymouth, Mass. set up a walk-a-thon to raise money for Mery Daniels (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN: Eileen Curran, Weymouth, Mass.) - It was a perfect day for a walk in Weymouth, Mass. Wednesday, and students at the William Seach School had a perfect reason to walk – Mery Daniels.

    Daniels, 31, is the daughter of their school bus driver Hary Volmar. She lost her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombings. Gabby DosSantos, 10, rides Hary’s bus to school every day.

    “It's very sad that she got hurt,” said the fourth grader.

    When the staff and students found out about Hary’s daughter, they wanted to help. So, they decided to do a walk-a-thon – nearly 400 kids walking four laps around the school for one mile. Mery Daniels led them the first lap on her crutches, then cheered them through the next three laps.

    “It touches my heart so deeply and I'm very thankful," said Daniels.

    Step by step, dollar by dollar, they raised thousands for Daniels – no small feat in this town. Weymouth is a blue collar town and the Seath School is described as one of the “bluest of blues”, so for these kids to raise that amount is simply amazing.

    “We actually just asked our own family members to donate to the Mery Daniels fund so we can help her out with any of her medical needs," explained 10-year-old John Lindgren.
    “I feel good because we are actually helping to raise funds for her for her medical needs,” said 9-year-old Christelle Joseph. “We're really proud of ourselves."     

    “I think that they just basically take from it that something horrible happened to somebody they know and care about and they can do something to make a difference to that person,” said their principal Debbie St. Ives.

    So, how much did these young kids end up raising? The total was $8275.00.

    "I’m speechless,” said Daniels.  “It's amazing what they've done.  I’m so grateful to the parents and also the kids, they're wonderful."

    For Hary, who has been watching over the safety of these kids for the past three years, this act of kindness makes him feel a part of this school family, and he is grateful.

    “I feel more proud to be in the family,” he said.