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Texas Officer Gets Simian Surprise During Traffic Stop



    Officer Keith Moore's hand was grabbed out of nowhere by a monkey in the back seat (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Morgan Frances) - You won’t believe what happened to a Texas police officer on a routine traffic stop.

    In the middle of writing a ticket, a monkey came out of nowhere and stole his pen.

    Aransas Pass Police Officer Keith Moore just joined the force three months ago. Extensive training has taught him to be vigilant pretty much 24/7.

    "We’re taught to be on guard at all times,” said Moore.

    But while Moore was writing someone a traffic ticket on Wednesday, something happened that the police academy did not prepare him for.

    A monkey hiding in the back seat of the truck reached forward as the officer asked for a signature and attacked his hand, and the camera attached to his glasses caught the whole thing.

    "My sergeant thought I had initially got stung by a bee, but it wasn't. I ended up telling him when i was walking back that it was a monkey that came out of nowhere."

    And his sergeant's reaction is probably just as priceless as the bizarre attack.

    The driver of the truck obviously wasn't pleased he was getting a speeding ticket, but his pal in the back went absolutely bananas when he saw the citation.

    Minutes after the wild encounter, the rookie officer and his sergeant still couldn't believe what happened.

    After a thorough investigation, we found that this is no Curious George, despite its wild behavior, because the animal is actually a professional.

    He makes appearances at carnivals and festivals posing for pictures with paying customers.

    Even though this celebrity is friendly most of the time, it left a mark on Officer Moore's hand and probably in his memory.

    "I think it kinda starts the conversation and keeps the standards pretty high."