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WSJ: Hernandez Involved in Violent Confrontation in 2007



    Ex-Patriots star Aaron Hernandez was accused of punching a server in 2007 but was never charged (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN: Justin Michaels) - While former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez sits in the Bristol County Jail, we're learning more about a brush with the law he had back in 2007.

    In the report obtained by the Wall Street Journal, the incident happened in May 2007, months after Hernandez enrolled at the University of Florida. The report says a waitress delivered two alcoholic drinks to Hernandez, he drank them both, and when another male server brought the bill, Hernandez refused to pay saying he never ordered the drinks.

    That turned into a verbal fight between Hernandez and that server. Hernandez was told to leave, and was eventually escorted out of the restaurant. Moments later, outside the restaurant, the verbal fight that started inside became physical and Hernandez apparently punched the server in the side of the head. The punch was hard enough his eardrum burst.

    That's where the story gets fishy. The police department in Gainesville, Fla. recommended the charge of felony battery, a penalty of five years in prison for that charge, but Hernandez was never charged.

    Meanwhile, the third man investigators believe was involved in the murder of Odin Lloyd, Ernest Wallace, has waived extradition from Florida, clearing the way to bring him back to Massachusetts to face the charge of accessory after-the-fact to murder.

    He is expected to be arraigned in the Attleboro District Court sometime towards the end of this week. Wallace did turn himself in Friday to Florida police.

    And we’re hearing again from the Bristol County Sheriff about Aaron Hernandez's time here at the jail. He now has a permanent cell after clearing some health evaluations.

    Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said, "He's now been moved to a smaller housing unit that will allow him more time out of his cell. He was originally in the medical unit 23 hours a day in a cell, one hour out. He will now go to a three-hour time out of cell, but in this particular unit only one particular inmate is allowed out at a time, so he will have access to one hour outside, one hour in the general area, and one hour for a shower and phone calls and so forth."

    Hodgston said, "He would be the highest profile inmate since I've been sheriff but we have good policies and procedures we follow. He's not being treated any better or any worse than the other inmates and I let him know that right upfront when he came in."

    Investigators were looking for a broken mirror off a silver car somewhere between Boston and North Attleboro, Mass. and haven't found it yet, and are still looking for it. They say it's from a silver 2013 Nissan Altima, if you have any information please call the North Attleboro police.

    The next time we'll see Aaron Hernandez out of jail will be on July 24, when he appears in court again.