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Entertainment: Ugly Reality for One Beauty Queen



    Former Miss Pennsylvania owes Donald Trump $5 million for defamation (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

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    Babies born on the same day as the royal baby will receive more than just bragging rights in the UK. They'll also receive a "lucky" silver penny from the royal mint. Each coin is worth 28 euros and will be sent out in a blue or pink purse after the parents get in touch with the mint through their Facebook page within 60 days of the birth. The royal baby is due this month.

    It's an ugly reality for this beauty queen. Former Miss Pennsylvania owes Donald Trump a big chunk of change. A judge has ordered Sheena Monnin to pay Trump and his Miss USA pageant $5-million for defamation. After the 2012 pageant, Monnin claimed on her Facebook page and the "Today" show that another contestant saw a list of five finalists backstage before the winners were officially announced. Monnin called the pageant "fraudulent." Trump fired back with a lawsuit, saying Monnin was just angry that she lost.

    How much would you pay for a lock of your favorite musicians' hair? How about $6,000? An anonymous buyer shelled out that much cash for some of Mick Jagger's mane. The hair was sold by the Rolling Stones frontman's former girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton. The money from Wednesday's auction goes to the changing faces charity, working with people suffering from facial disfigurements.