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Zimmerman Defense Makes Last Push for Acquittal



    Zimmerman defense makes last push for acquittal

    In closing arguments this morning, attorney Mark O'Mara pushed for an acquittal for his client, George Zimmerman (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC: Sarah Dallof, Sanford, Fla.) - With his client, George Zimmerman, facing second degree murder charges, a calm and collected Mark O'Mara attacked the state's case in his closing arguments this morning.

    Zimmerman is accused of murdering Trayvon Martin in an altercation in February of last year.

    The defense argued that Zimmerman was an involved community member who acted in self-defense, and that his call to a non-emergency police line reporting Trayvon Martin as suspicious bore no sign of ill-will, spike, or hatred.

    "He's not guilty of anything but protecting his own life," O'Mara said.

    An animation that the judge did not allow as evidence was allowed in the closing arguments.

    O'Mara used it to illustrate the defense's version of the events that night - that Zimmerman had to pull the trigger to save his own life.

    "George Zimmerman is not guilty if you have a reasonable doubt that he acted in self-defense," O'Mara said.

    Friday's presentation was the defense's last chance to make their case to the jury, a case Zimmerman's attorneys say is deserving of a not guilty verdict.

    There is no telling how long jury deliberations will take, but jurors were attentive and taking active notes throughout the proceedings.

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