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2 Killed in Taunton, Mass., Plane Crash



    Taunton, Mass. plane crash claims 2 lives

    Two die in the crash of single-engine plane Sunday morning on the runway at Taunton Municipal Airport (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN, Scot Yount, Taunton, Mass.) - The deadly crash happened early Sunday morning on the runway at Taunton Municipal Airport.

    The single-engine tail dragger aircraft ended up in a ditch next to the tarmac and it was on fire.

    "It is a tragic scene, the plane was dismantled, there was a fire, it was a difficult scene," said Taunton Mayor Thomas Hoye.

    At this point, we know that two people died in the accident, the pilot of the aircraft and one passenger.

    The FAA and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation are investigating and have not yet released any details of the crash of the Aeronca 7AC aircraft.

    A man who said he was a lifelong friend of the pilot told us he is almost beyond words.

    "I just came to see my friend you know, and then find this mess like this, I don't know what the story is but then I went in that office there, and talked to somebody," said a friend of the victim who didn't want his face shown.

    The airport remained open during the investigation.  Bodies were removed but it is unclear how long it will be before the wreckage is taken away.

    In the meantime, airplanes continue to fly in and out of Taunton Municipal, very common on a Sunday.

    "There's a club that flies out of here on Sunday mornings and they do that at a lot of the local and municipal airports, it is like some people go out to play golf on Sunday morning and some people go out flying," said Hoye.