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Perfect Time for Apple Picking in Central Mass.



    Manager of Brookfield Orchards says now is the time to come pick apples because it may be too late by Columbus Day weekend (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Kristen Carosa) – Tuesday was really the first day it's felt like fall, with a crisp start and end to the day. The cooler temperatures are getting many in the mood for those fall traditions, like apple picking.

    If you're looking for a place to pick in central Massachusetts, there is no shortage.

    Audrey Clark came to Brookfield Orchards with her brother and sister Tuesday looking to pick lots of apples.

    “I just love the trees; everything looks so pretty; I love all the different colors,” Meredith Clark says.

    Audrey and siblings were part of school field trip.

    The kids got to "pick their own" but also got a tour.

    “We went in; we saw how they pick the apples, how they are washed and packaged; it was really cool,” Audrey says.

    “It’s such a great time in New England to be able to come out and pick your own apples,” Becky Shea says. “We get to bake with them later; it’s all about making memories.”

    Brookfield Orchards has been around since 1918. Manager David Nydam is describing this year’s crop as one of the best.
    “We have had just enough rain; no hurricanes have come through or severe thunderstorms; we could not have asked for a better growing conditions this year,” he says.

    The orchard has five varieties of apples to ready to pick on more than 77 acres of land.

    Just last weekend, Nydam says thousands of pickers headed into the fields to find their favorites.

    “I really enjoy seeing the families come out; it's a traditional American experience for them; maybe they'll go into the snack bar and get a dumpling or hamburger or hotdog.”

    That was the idea for Crystal Jackson. She bought some apples from the store and then decided to stop for a quick lunch.

    “We love getting our apples for the season; we come every year, pick apples, have a hot dog and have a relaxing day,” she says.

    Nydam sees many people like Jackson who come back year after year.

    And for those who haven't made it out yet, he says don't wait.

    “If people want to come out and pick their own they should be doing it right now, within the next two weeks because by Columbus Day weekend, it could be too late.”