Friends, Family and Riders Mourn 2 Bicyclists Killed in Hampton, NH - NECN

Friends, Family and Riders Mourn 2 Bicyclists Killed in Hampton, NH



    Mass. residents Pamela Wells, 60, and Elise Bouchard, 52, were killed after southbound driver crossed into northbound lane (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Hampton, N.H.) - What started off as an annual bicycle run turned tragic Saturday morning in Hampton, N.H.

    A car crossed the double yellow line, killing two women and injuring two others.

    Elise Bouchard of Danvers, Mass. was one of the victims who was killed.

    Friends say the 52-year-old was looking forward to Saturday's ride, but was hit around 8:30 a.m. Saturday just minutes into the ride.

    "She trained for weeks to do this, every weekend, every morning, she'd go out biking," said Pamela Wiley, Bouchard's good friend.

    Rider Tammy Cronin was one of the 1,600 people taking part in the annual Granite State Wheelmen Tri-State Seacoast Century ride, which started at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.

    "I heard a screech of a car and I said 'Oh God, I hope it wasn't a cyclist,'" said Cronin.

    Another cyclist, Jeff Reim, said there "were just parts of bikes, equipment all over the road."

    As for what went so tragically wrong, Hampton Police say 20-year-old Darriean Hess of Seabrook, N.H., was driving south on the Underwood Bridge over Hampton Bay when she crossed the double yellow line into the northbound lane, striking the four bicyclists.

    Why she crossed lanes is still under investigation.

    Sixty-year-old Pamela Wells of South Hamilton, Mass. was also killed. She was a wife and mom to two teenagers.

    Her husband, Tom Rogers, released a statement Saturday night which read, "At around 8:30 this morning, after only about 15 miles, a car crossed into the northbound lane and struck their group. I've heard that it happened very fast, that she would not have felt much pain, she probably died instantly."

    Rogers also posted on Facebook, "This is the hardest facebook posting I'll probably ever have to do. The love of my life, my dear sweet Pam, was killed this morning in a horrible accident in Hampton NH."

    Police say the investigation is ongoing.

    At this point, the conditions of the two bicyclists in the hospital is not being made available by police. Friends of the victims say they all knew each other.

    As of Saturday night, Hess has not been charged with any crime.