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Curious Kitten Gets Stuck in Ceiling



    Arizona Humane Society rescued a kitten stuck in the ceiling of a recreation center (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN/KPNX) - Last year, the Arizona Humane Society's emergency animal medical technicians responded to more than 27,000 calls for animals needing rescue.

    Earlier this week, they had one of their toughest calls and more rewarding rescues.

    It was a 5-week-old kitten named "Libby" stuck in the ceiling of a Tempe recreation center.

    "Rescuing her was a little piece of every rescue I've ever done...just kind of combined into one rescue," said Andy Gallo of the Arizona Humane Society.

    Gallo got the call Saturday of a cat stuck in the ceiling of the Pyle Adult Recreation Center.

    "The echoes intense, so you have to go around and just try and find where it's the loudest," said Gallo.
    Andy picked his spot and began cutting into the ceiling, but still no sign of Libby.

    So after few hours of searching he left food behind hoping that would bring her out.

    No luck.

    He returned the next day and noticed a square with a 10-foot drop.

    "Climbed up in there and looked down and I saw her," Gallo said.

    Libby had no way out.

    Scary...or was it?

    "First thing I see is she's down there, on her back playing with whatever little piece of debris or whatever she found. She was playing. She was down there for four plus days, three days and she was actually rolling around playing," Gallo said.  

    With a little food and a rope Andy was able to get Libby out safely, a little thin and hungry but in great shape.

    Libby is doing great today and for Andy she was worth the effort.

    "It was definitely the most rewarding and destructive rescue I've ever done," Gallo admitted.