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NH Victim's Boyfriend Wants to Know Why Police Killed His Girlfriend



    After a lengthy chase and a police-involved shooting, one woman is dead and there are many unanswered questions (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Lauren Collins, Manchester, NH) – A lengthy chase and a police-involved shooting in New Hampshire have left one woman dead and many questions unanswered. It was all part of a chaotic scene that started on I-89 in Bow and came to a violent end at the intersection of Dave Street and Kennard Road in Manchester.

    Police were back on scene, doing what looked like a line search in yards around here. From what we understand from witnesses, they counted 13 of those orange cones at the scene last night but only 11 bullet holes in the window of this woman’s car.

    All of this started as a chase in Bow, leading state troopers down I-89 and I-93 to the intersection right near Mammoth Road.

    A man who says he is the woman’s boyfriend arrived on scene Tuesday. He doesn’t know much more than we do at NECN. We’re not sure if the woman’s car collided with a state trooper’s cruiser or not but at some point in that incident, shots were fired into her car and she was dead.

    Her boyfriend says she was stopped a little over a year ago in Allenstown, NH and had a not so great interaction with police there and was anxious. She had some anxiety issues and was very nervous about police, and he thinks that’s why she didn’t stop for officers Monday evening. The violent end here though is something he cannot explain. He doesn’t know why anyone would open fire on her car or not take other actions first. He has a lot of questions and wants some answer.

    “I want to know why they shot and killed her,” Charles Peter says. “They didn’t have to shoot and kill her. That’s my biggest why. Is this why I served my country so they could execute my girlfriend like this? It’s a sad day to be a veteran, sad day to be a veteran...she’s not a drug addict. She’s not raping people. She’s not hurting kids or anything. She just had a granddaughter three months ago. How are you going to tell that little kid she doesn’t have a grandmother anymore?”

    We have chosen not to identify the woman at this time because police are not releasing the woman’s name.