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Suggestions for the Box Office Include 'Gravity' and 'Runner Runner'



    Other films mentioned include 'Parkland' and 'All Is Bright' (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Raphael Seth) - Science fiction movies are always popular with audiences, but seldom realistic. The fire and explosions seen in space movies like "Star Wars" could not exist in reality. There is no oxygen in space to fuel a fire and there is no sound. Director Alfonzo Cuaron says he honored those laws of physics his new film "Gravity,” which stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

    Bullock is lost in space in "Gravity." She's a medical specialist on her first mission with veteran astronaut George clooney. But they're struck by debris during a spacewalk that destroys the shuttle and leaves them spinning through the vast expanse of space. Their only chance for survival may be to go deeper into the darkness. "Gravity" is rated PG-13.

    Justin Timberlake takes a big gamble in "Runner Runner." He's a student with a beautiful mind trying to win his college tuition by playing online poker. He loses his lunch money in a crooked game and decides to confront the owner of the offshore gambling site. Ben Affleck returns his money and tempts Timberlake with a job offer, which the student may not be able to refuse. "Runner Runner" is rated R.

    Zac Efron has the world in his hands in "Parkland." This film about the assassination of President Kennedy focuses on the doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital, the place where JFK was taken after being shot in Texas. "Parkland" is rated PG-13.

    Paul Giamatti gets into a sticky situation in "All Is Bright." He's an ex-con trying to get his life together, but he can't find a job and his wife leaves him. So he partners-up with Paul Rudd, the man who stole Giamatti's wife, to sell Christmas trees in New York City. "All Is Bright" is rated R.