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Sustainability Hub Comes to Worcester, Mass.



    Sustainability Hub comes to Worcester, Mass.

    National Grid and Clark University came together to present this educational hub, the first of its kind in New England (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Kristen Carosa, Worcester, Mass.) - The Sustainability Hub in Worcester, Mass. is a first of its kind in New England.

    It’s located right near Clark University on Main Street.

    The Hub is part of the National Grid’s energy solutions program. It's a place for current customers to come in and be educated on energy.

    “We will give the tools and will help you find out what you are using, how you are using it, and give you tips on how to save,” said Edward White of National Grid.

    And, the Hub isn’t' just for customers. The community at large is encouraged to come in.

    “We are here to have a conversation and dialogue around energy sustainability, how we use energy, how we can conserve it and learn more about it,” White continued.

    Clark University has donated the space which looks just like a house. It has a living room and kitchen, showcasing the newest technology in energy saving.

    Students have been trained by National Grid staff and will guide residents through a tour.

    “This is bringing education alive and making a difference in our community - this is the future of education in our country as we see it,” said David Angel, the Clark University president.

     “This is the beginning of a conversation that is really going to be exciting and the students are really bringing that energy to the table,” said White.

    Student ambassador of Clark University, Melissa Skubel, says she's looking forward to engaging with the community and taking what she learns in the hub to students on campus.

     “A lot of the students at Clark are interested as well - I think it will be interesting to see that once it’s fully in operating what will happen on the Clark campus regarding energy use and sustainability,” said Skubel.