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Marlboro, Mass. Woman Facing Animal Cruelty Charges



    Marlboro, Mass. woman facing animal cruelty charges

    Dudley's animal control unit says 21-year-old Lauren Noronha adopted a sick Labrador mix from Texas and then abandoned it (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Kristen Carosa) - The former owner of a 3-year-old Labrador mix faced a judge Tuesday. According to Dudley's animal control, 21-year-old Lauren Noronha from Marlborough, Mass. adopted a sick dog from Texas and then abandoned it in the town.
    “Her heart was in the right place but it was the wrong execution of a good idea,” says animal control officer Peter Prebel.

    He says a Dudley resident called to say the dog had been left at his home in August. He had responded to a Craigslist ad Noronha had posted to find the dog a new home.

    When she brought the dog to Tanyard Road, the resident found the dog wasn't the right fit. Prebel says the man came outside to return the animal and she wasn't there.

    The resident called animal control and Prebel took the lab into custody.

    “Because the dog was brought into the state heart worm positive and without the vet paper work, the state required me to seize the dog and quarantine it for 10 days.”

    Norohna's attorney says she made several attempts to get the dog back but was not successful. She now faces animal cruelty charges.

    “My client has been charged with abandoning the animal but there is no credible basis for that,” Jeremy Theerman says.

    Norohna is due back in court in December.

    In the meantime, Prebel found the dog, named "Chucho," a foster home while he undergoes heart worm treatment. After that, Chucho will be put for adoption.

    Prebel believes Norohna's heart was in the right place in trying to find the dog a home but she needs to be held responsible for the situation.

    “I think it’s good that people want to help but there are processes we need to follow; we need to stay within the law and she found herself outside of the law.”

    Prebel says the treatment for the dog is costing the town more than $1200. Anyone who would like to donate can call. You can also inquire about adopting Chucho.