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Marblehead, Mass. Teacher Facing Child Pornography Charges



    William Morgan, 30, is a physics teacher at Marblehead High School and is allegedly involved in a child porn ring in RI (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Nicole Jacobs, Marblehead, Mass.) – A high school teacher in Marblehead, Mass. is facing child pornography charges after a sweep that netted more than 10 suspects in Rhode Island.

    There were assemblies Friday in school to inform the students about what was going on, with what details they could let them know at this juncture. They also assured them that their school environment is safe.

    In the meantime, Rhode Island authorities say the possession and transferring of these pornographic images happened over the Internet. There were pictures, as well as video.

    The Marblehead teacher was arrested Thursday, but it had everyone talking Friday.

    A Friday afternoon at Marblehead High School seems normal from the outside looking in, but it's perhaps the talks going on inside these walls that are startling.

    "He had done some inappropriate things with pictures and it was no one from the school involved," student Kelsey Bihailow said.

    William Morgan, a physics teacher there, is now under arrest; he’s allegedly involved in a child pornography ring in Rhode Island.

    "I know that the hiring process for teachers in this school system is very stringent so it surprised me,” said Barbara Goodman, a parent.

    Rhode Island State Police tell NECN 30-year-old Morgan was among 10 others accused of possessing or transferring the images. Morgan, who works with kids, raises extra concern for authorities.

    Information released by the Marblehead School Superintendent indicates the images did not involve any Marblehead students. It’s welcome news for a parent who chose not to be identified because her daughter had Morgan as a teacher.

    "My daughter said second day of school, ‘I don't know how to describe him all I have to say is he's extremely socially awkward.’"

    There was reassurance from school officials Friday that Marblehead High is safe and parents feel that given how quickly the school system responded.

    "I feel sorry for the entire school system to have this sort of thrust upon us.”

    Superintendent Maryann Perry went on to say in a statement, reading in part:
    "Pending the completion of our investigation the employee has been placed on administrative leave, has been barred from any contact with Marblehead students, and has been barred from accessing any Marblehead Public Schools buildings, property, or events."

    She says this teacher was interviewed and there was a background check where nothing out of the ordinary came back.