Andover, Mass. Police: Juvenile in Custody in Connection to Stolen FBI Weapons - NECN

Andover, Mass. Police: Juvenile in Custody in Connection to Stolen FBI Weapons



    Police say 16-year-old is cooperating with them and it was forensic evidence that led them to the suspect (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN) - Andover, Mass. Police have confirmed that a 16-year-old juvenile is in custody following the theft of two high-powered weapons from a FBI SWAT vehicle.

    The two weapons were found in Lawrence, Mass.

    Police said fingerprints were lifted from a neighborhood car that was broken into. Fingerprints were submitted to national database, which resulted in identification of individual. Later, a second matching fingerprint was found on the FBI SWAT vehicle.

    Based on this, an arrest warrant was obtained for the individual.

    Around 2 a.m., the firearms were recovered and brought back to Andover Police Department, where they are currently being held.

    Around 11 a.m., the 16-year-old was placed under arrest and transported back to Andover PD. Police say he is cooperating right now and his dad is with him.

    He'll be transported to district court.

    The juvenile is charged with one count of larceny over $250, one count of larceny under $250 and two counts of B&E in the nighttime for breaking into a vehicle.

    There was a $20,000 reward that is expected to be given out to someone in the public. The FBI says to protect the identity of those who assisted int he recovery of the weapons,  no further information will be released relating to them because to do so would have a detrimental effect on future cooperation with the public.