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Attorney: It Will Be Emotional Day of Testimony at Bulger Hearing



    Margaret McLean expects Judge Denise Casper to allow all families to talk, including those whose loved ones murders weren't proven (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN) - It's been a long road for the victims of reputed mob boss James ‘Whitey’ Bulger.
    After decades of running, authorities caught up to the Boston gangster in 2011. Since then, Bulger has been put on trial and found guilty of 11 murders and 31 racketeering counts, among other charges.

    Wednesday, the families of Bulger's victims will have an opportunity to speak-out against the convicted criminal, something many have been waiting to do for decades.

    Attorney Margaret McLean joined us to break it down.

    She expects the day to be all about the victims. McLean expects Judge Denise Casper to will allow everyone to be heard, meaning the families whose murders were not proven and the no finding of Debra Davis.

    She says Judge Casper is allowed to take all of Bulger’s conduct into consideration when considering sentencing.

    McLean says this is different from trial testimony, and the families will be able to talk about the impact of losing their loved ones on their lives.

    “It will be very emotional testimony.”

    She says each victim will be allowed approximately 10 minutes to speak and they are not supposed to address Bulger; rather, they are supposed to address Judge Casper.

    The big question is, will Bulger talk himself?

    She said if he does, he would likely claim the government is too powerful and raise the fact that he wasn’t allowed to present the immunity defense to the jury.