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Hate Message Painted on Lunenburg, Mass. Teen's Home



    Hate message painted on Lunenburg, Mass. teen's home

    Racist words were spray-painted on 13-year-old boy's house (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Nicole Jacobs, Lunenberg, Mass.) - It's a lot for this 13-year-old to take in.

    "I'm disgusted that people would even think of doing something like this," said Isaac Phillips.

    A hateful and racially charges message was spray-painted on the family's home.

    "It kind of gets me offended, especially this because this is my house my family lives here I have two younger brothers and a sister," said Phillips.

    "Knights don't need the [N word]" is the message the Phillips family woke up to Friday. Isaac is an eighth grader at Lunenberg High School and plays JV football for the Blue Knights.

    "The younger ones they've been nice but the seniors are just seniors they do pranks and stuff.

    But this latest stunt goes beyond Isaac's slit bicycle tire and trashed football cleats. His father calls it appalling.

    "Unless you've been called it before, you really don't understand the feeling," said Anthony Phillips.

    The family says they've informed the school of previous alleged acts against their son, but not until this was something done about it.

    The school actually postponed Friday night's varsity football game releasing a statement to parents. It reads in part, "As a community we offer our deepest support to the player and his family and want to emphasize that Lunenburg is an inclusive supportive community and this is not the sort of behavior we foster or tolerate."

    Isaac's father is reminded of the locker room antics taking center field in the NFL with Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin - a scandal rocking the Miami Dolphins.

    "Same thing with the NFL, if they put a stop to it and say this is not acceptable, then it's not acceptable by not fielding, you don't play," he said.

    Though it is their belief, it is not confirmed that a Lunenburg football player is responsible for the crime. Local police are investigating. The FBI and the District Attorney's office are aware as they work to determine who thought this message was suitable.