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Arlington, Mass. Neighbors Shocked About Deaths



    Deaths of 2 parents and their twin infant sons has brought grief, sadness and questions to the neighborhood (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Arlington, Mass.) - The deaths of an Arlington, Mass. family have shocked and devastated neighbors.

    "Oh yeah, babies, oh my God the babies, the babies," said Clare MacFarlane, who knew the family.

    The deaths of two parents and their twin 11-month-old sons has brought grief and sadness to this Arlington neighborhood, but it's also brought questions with it, including the possibility that there were signs pointing to a man, Scott Jones, who was not well adjusted.

    "Something happened between them and he had threatened suicide so we were quite surprised when she married him," said MacFarlane, whose mother and sister live next door to 45 Newland Rd.

    James Brooks saw some unusual behavior from his home across the street. He says Jones was constantly vacuuming the sidewalk.

    Carolyn Hine lives behind the home and had her own questions about Scott Jones.

    "He’s always fixing something, renovating, moving, raking, even a few years ago he was repainting the house and at that point we didn’t know them but cans were left overnight and it ignited a fire, which spread quickly almost to our backyard and my neighbor put it out and the firefighters came but he never actually communicated with us after that which I thought was a little unusual," she said.

    And now the concern among neighbors that this tragedy happened so close by.

    James Brooks is not sure what to tell his 7 and 10 year olds.

    “Yes I do feel shaken up because I was in my backyard raking yesterday about 3 o’clock and I was a few feet away from where they are and I spoke to the other neighbor who was raking and this is happening in my neighborhood and it’s very disturbing," Hine added.

    There are other neighbors who said Scott Jones was very nice, even shoveled the walkway of an elderly man each snowstorm.

    So, we are still expecting to learn much more in the days to come.