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Authorities Awaiting Autopsies in Arlington, Mass. Family Deaths



    Police say they are not searching for suspects, but are treating deaths as homicides (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Arlington, Mass.) - An aftermath truck sits in the drive way of 45 Newland Rd. in Arlington, Mass. while the first-floor condo is professionally cleaned just one day after a family of four was found dead inside.

    The victims are parents Scott and Mei Jones, along with their twin infant sons Colt and Cameron, who would have turned 1 years old next week.

    "It's awful, it's awful. There's no other way to describe it," Arlington resident Greg Jacobs says.

    Beyond the crime tape was a single rose left on the condo's steps.

    "Who knows what goes on in someone's, you know, in their family or what caused this," Jacobs says.

    Arlington Police and the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office have released very few details, other to say that an officer found the bodies around noon Monday following a well being check. Police say the public is not at risk.

    Late Monday, the medical examiner's office removed the bodies - with the babies being taken away in small black boxes.

    In addition to pure sadness, the untimely deaths have also brought about many questions in the neighborhood, including the possibility that the father was not well adjusted.

    "Something happened between them and he had threatened suicide, so we were quite surprised when she married him," neighbor Clare MacFarlane says.

    NECN has obtained the police report from 2010, when at the time it describes the couple as dating. Police responded to their Arlington home after Mei called them, according to the report. While they were there, police say Scott Jones called. The report says "While speaking with her, Jones called her cell phone and instructed her to go to his computer, access his insurance policy in order to make her the beneficiary. He was very demanding and sounded extremely upset. He became frustrated over the phone and hung up."

    Police say Scott Jones was later located at Breakheart Reservation in Saugus.

    Another neighbor says Jones was constantly vacuuming the sidewalk.

    "All I can really say is the guy was in front of his house cleaning a lot. You know, doing a repair on the sidewalk and vacuuming the sidewalk a lot," neighbor James Brooks says.

    Tuesday, Mei Jones' family members asked for privacy at a Malden home while neighbors in Arlington tried to comprehend the whole tragic situation.

    "How? How? I don't get it. Like I just - it's sad, sad," Jerry Bowser, who grew up in the neighborhood, says.

    While Arlington Police say they are not searching for suspects, they do say these deaths are being treated as homicides.