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'Thanksgivukkah': How People Are Celebrating the Rare Day



    'Thanksgivukkah': How people are celebrating the rare day

    Dana Gitell copyrighted the term and discussed how people are coming up with unique ideas (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN) -  This Thursday is both Thanksgiving and Hannukah. It's a holiday double feature that hasn't happened since 1888.

    Dana Gitell joined us to talk about how she copyrighted her term for the day, "Thanksgivukkah.”
    What inspired her to do this?

    She said that she saw the dates match on the calendar early on and thought about how it’s meaningful to celebrate the Jewish-American experience and for American Jews to give thanks to America for their religious freedom.

    What else did she do to prepare for the holiday?

    She said, “Very quickly it became about food.”

    She said plenty of fans have been suggesting recipes that blend the two holidays.