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Fight Breaks Out at Danbury, Conn. Mall



    Police say 4 or 5 kids were in a scuffle at the food court of Danbury Fair (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN) - There was chaos at a mall in Danbury, Conn. when a fight broke out in the food court packed with Black Friday shoppers.

    Police say four or five kids got in a scuffle.

    There were reports someone may have yelled the word "gun."

    "I just saw a bunch of people picking their kids up and running toward me and screaming, so I was terrified," said Britney Boisvert of Waterbury.

    "Kids were running out of the back door, so it was pretty crazy," said Alex Boisvert of Waterbury. "Feeling good to get out of the there and go home."

    Police say the did not find a gun and the mall was never locked down.