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Disturbing List Discovered at Waltham, Mass. Middle School



    Written threat listing 3 students was found by teacher at Kennedy Middle School (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo - Waltham, MA) - A written threat, listing three students, was found by a teacher at Kennedy Middle School in Waltham, Mass. Friday, and Mayor Jeannette McCarthy says teachers and school administrators did everything by the book to handle it immediately.

    "I’m more concerned that nothing happened to anyone that we don’t have a tragedy here," said Waltham Mayor Jeannette McCarthy. "The parents were brought in, the kids were brought in, they were all interviewed and appropriate intervention after that was taken."

    Officials are not going into great detail of what happened, but the mayor described the list as a piece of paper with three names on it and a title that may suggest bullying.

    "'Students who make fun of me,'" said Mayor McCarthy, "when the teacher asked, the student responded 'that’s my kill list.'"

    Mayor McCarthy says the student who wrote the note is not in school – at least temporarily – and due process is being followed with the other students to determine if any disciplinary action is appropriate for bullying.

    "The school department’s going to respond whether they perceive it to be an actual threat, whether it might be a threat, whether it’s going to lead to a threat," she said.

    Parents who were notified about the threat on Monday said they think the school handled the situation appropriately.

    “The good thing is they let us know what’s going on and they are taking steps to prevent it,” Parent Hitesh Patel said.

    “That’s very disturbing to hear that someone has to make a list of students that are getting made fun of but at the same time I think the school’s doing a good job, they’ll handle the situation,” said another parent, Elizabeth Pettine.