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Police Bust Underage Drinking Party in Westborough, Mass.



    Police say they plan to charge homeowner Christine Venditti with violating state's social host liability law (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Kristen Carosa) - Police in Westborough,  Mass. say nearly two dozen people under 21 were in attendance to an underage drinking party, as was an adult woman whom they plan to charge.

    Westborough Police responded to a home on Jasper Street for reports of an underage drinking party Saturday night.

    Homeowner Christine Venditti answered the door and didn't want to let officers in.

    "She did make a comment when the officers arrived telling the kids to hide the alcohol," Westborough Police Chief Alan Gordon says.

    Officers stopped the party and calls were made to parents.

    Venditti, whose child was at the party, is being charged with violating the state's social host liability law.

    "Even though she didn't buy the alcohol, she provided the venue where they could drink and that is why we charged her," Chief Gordon says.

    "Underage drinking isn't healthy and it's not legal," President of Students Against Destructive Decisions Penny Wells says.

    Wells helps students make good choices which includes not drinking. She says parents need to be setting good examples to their children.

    "Teens expect parents to set boundaries - it's not a bad thing - parents have a lot of years on kids and their children should have the benefit of that experience," Wells says.

    Wells says some parents might think its safer for their teens to drink at home, but a number of things could go wrong.

    "Kids could get alcohol poisoning and go to to the hospital - they could fall down the stairs - punch someone or the wall," Wells says.

    Chief Gordon says the incident on Jasper Street ended well - all kids got home safe.

    But he says next time the parties involved may not be so lucky.

    "With normal conditions its dangerous but when you add in the elements - it makes it even more dangerous for that child to drive around and they could may be impaired," he says.