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Fitchburg, Mass. Residents Pray for Missing Boy's Safe Return



    Investigators are fearful that Jeremiah Oliver, 5, is dead (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Fitchburg, Mass.) - Investigators have said they are fearful that Jeremiah Oliver, 5, of Fitchburg, Mass. is dead, but that didn't stop dozens of moms and dads and their kids from coming to the Oliver family's home to pray for his safe return.

    Becky Sonsy of Fitchburg, Mass. didn't know Jeremiah Oliver, but is worried about him.

    Parents, with their own children in their hearts, and by their side turned a pile of snow with one lonely teddy bear to a mountain of hope.

    State and Fitchburg police came to the vigil to pass out fliers with the photo of this little boy who has not been seen by extended family members since September.

    His cousin Sandro Oliver is praying someone will come forward.

    But Jeremiah wasn't reported missing until earlier this month when his 7 year old sister told a school guidance counselor that her mom was being beaten by her boyfriend.

    Now both 28-year-old Elsa Oliver and her boyfriend 23-year-old Alberto Luis Sierra are in custody, in part, charged with abusing Jeremiah's sister.

    Both are due back in court for dangerousness hearings on Tuesday, Elsa Oliver following a mental health evaluation.

    "Something was not right with her. She had a speed walk, everything she did, she did fast, it looked like she was a very worried mom. But my heart goes out to the little boy," said neighbor Sandra Texidor.

    Judy Gonzalez's son played with Jeremiah. She is desperate to find him and has been looking all around the city for him herself.

    The boy's biological father, Alberto Oliver, lives in Connecticut. He is expected to be in Massachusetts tomorrow.