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What Should Be Massachusetts' Official Rock Song?



    What Should Be Massachusetts' Official Rock Song?

    BOSTON (AP) - The question about which song should be named Massachusetts' official rock song is now before a Statehouse committee.
    The battle of the bands pits "Roadrunner," a 1970s ode to the joys of driving along Route 128 late at night by the Modern Lovers, against Aerosmith's power ballad "Dream On."
    The Joint Committee on State Administration held a public hearing Thursday to let backers of both sides make their case.
    Supporters of "Roadrunner" say the song makes several Bay State references including cruising along the Massachusetts Turnpike, driving past the Stop & Shop and listening to "the modern sounds of modern Massachusetts." The group was led by Natick native Jonathan Richman.
    No Aerosmith fans were on hand, although "Dream On" supporter Rep. James Cantwell submitted written testimony saying the Boston-based band epitomizes the American rags to riches story.

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