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Worcester, Mass. Higgins Armory Museum Will Close Dec. 31



    This was the only museum dedicated to armor in the western hemisphere (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Tiffany Chan, Worcester, Mass.) - A huge crowd turned up at Worcester’s Higgins Armory Museum on Friday, as it is closing its doors after 83 years, leaving medieval-enthusiasts in the dust.

    “Seeing the armor for the last time… Seeing the museum and visiting a place that I’ve visited many times,” said Carl West of Waltham, Mass.

    The museum is the only one of its kind, boasting two-thousand armor pieces from all over the world in one of America’s first steel and glass buildings.

    “We're cool. There's nothing neater than a suit of armor, swords, and axes,” said Devon Kurtz, the museum director of education.

    As this is the only museum in the western hemisphere dedicated solely to armor, friends, family, children, and adults are lining up to get a glimpse before it's gone.

     “The museum will be closing and my son is really into medieval. We wanted to make sure he saw this before it closed,” said visitor Tammy Fournier of Dudley.

    With hands-on activities, medieval props, and the museum's rich history, it's no surprise that parents want to take their children here one last time.

     “My son has been coming here since he was one or two years old and he's seven now. It's been a great experience for him. He loves it,” said another patron, Don Nichols of Millbury.

    The Higgins Armory Museum will be open until December 31. After that, the pieces will be transferred to the Worcester Art Museum, beginning in January 2014.

    As for the building, museum trustees are currently looking for buyers that understand the community impact of the property.